Hello and welcome to our site! My name is Samantha and my husband is Harry. I have always loved taking pictures. Back in 2001, I took my very first photography class. I had a point-and-shoot camera and can remember thinking how out of place I was. The amount of info I received that day was overwhelming but I could not get enough! Oh and don't worry I do not use my old camera anymore, my youngest son does. I am a country girl and love the outdoors. If fact, I initially focused on landscape photography. I learned about detail and how to capture light and many more techniques. Yet, it was not enough! Then it happened- a friend asked me to take pictures of her daughter. This started a new obsession, not in kids but in making myself better then the day before! I had always prayed for something I could call my own! I had finally found it! This is where "Through God's Eyes" started. I do everything in the name of God. He is a big part of my life, along with my husband and 3 boys and I could not do it without them. In my eyes, it is all about the journey. I remember a mentor of mine told me right before I photographed my first wedding "You will either love it or hate it." When the wedding was over my husband said, "Well?" I said, in a-not-so calm voice, I love It! I will always look back at that moment and remember how special it was for not only me, but also for my husband because this is when things started to change! He wanted to be apart of my love of photography! To this day, he is my amazing partner. We have continued to grow in our talents and when the day finally came for us to JUMP or walk away from our passion, we JUMPED TOGETHER! We tweaked our name just a little, for you see our important journey made it so clear that each step we take is like a new puzzle piece in our lives and yours. Those puzzle pieces whether simple moments or momentous events such as the day you were engaged, your wedding day, your child's birthday or having the whole family together. If you truly think about it, your life is full of many puzzle pieces that make up your story! Though we changed our original name, we did not want to take God out of our work. "Through God's Eyes changed to T.G.E and it became T.G.E. Puzzle Pieces in Life, for God is still number one! My husband and I have a very special job and that is to capture these moments, your puzzle pieces, and put them on paper for not only you to treasure but also for generations to come! Who could ask for a better job!