We, my husband and I, do a lot of weddings a year and every single one has a place in our hearts. We love the people we meet but this wedding stands out so much for us!! Not for the wedding itself but for the people they are. You will not catch me very often cry behind a camera but this wedding grabbed me emotionally in so many ways! When I say these 2 deserved the best wedding ever I truly mean it and from standing behind this camera I would say they did!! They were married outside in the gazebo behind Aberdeen Manor Ballroom. The garden was set up to perfection with the bridesmaids in colors of salmon and burgundies and the guys in jeans with grey and tan vests. I have always been one to say you need to be you on your wedding day and enjoy every second. So, the hat that Brandon wore was so perfect but the time spent with this special young lady they call their daughter will always set this wedding apart from most!! This wedding even had snow for the bride and grooms last dance!! Perfection!!
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