Backyard weddings have become some of my favorite outside weddings. The reason I say this is because it becomes more personal to the clients and brings a sense of comfort into this special day. You see memories are what we capture. My husband and I take a special day and put it on hold and freeze those moments so that they go on for generations to come! We capture personality's, emotions and some of the most fun times you can imagine! We capture people who may not be here a week later. We capture children who grow up and we capture the beauty of LOVE! You may not hear the words being said but if you know the people you can probably laugh, cry or just stop and imagine what they are saying and doing!
This wedding became all that for us and this family became our family!
This wedding was held at the brides dad's house and the reception about 10 minutes away at the Jasper County Fair Grounds in Rensselaer. The weather was beautiful for a fall wedding.
The bride surprised everyone in a unique and stunning black laced wedding dress! The bridesmaid in an amazing blue and the guys in a burgundy shirt with jeans. A country styled wedding made perfect!