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These pictures are some of the best and priceless moments. I just smile every time I look at them!! Seriously aren't they so cute!!

Now Let me tell you about this amazing women...

She sends me a message a few days before our maternity session and said that the Dr. said she is dilated and 100% effaced and he wants her to pack her bags and stay close to home. So we changed the location of the shoot to Shakamak State Park because it was a few miles away from home and prayed that she would make it to the Photo session. We left it up in the air and decided she should call me the morning of to make sure she wanted to go through with the shoot.

She called that morning and said she was feeling pretty good and wanted to try. So off we went. She looked stunning as always but her husband was a little more attentive then normal. So as photographers we started watching our ever move to make sure everything was ok at every turn. Long story short she was in active labor the whole time we were doing this session. Now, I have 3 kids of my own so I know what that feels like but she hid it very well except for a few times I caught her breathing through contractions. I think I must have ask a 100 times are you ok and do you want to go on.... which I always got the same answer, "Yes, I am GOOD". We walked up and down hills and steps and not one complaint. Even though she looked like she was holding that baby in on her every step!!

Women of the year right there!!

I LOVE THIS FAMILY SO MUCH, so it is always a joy to meet up and play with the camera. The best news was she made it through the maternity shoot and 2 days later had a newborn in her hands.