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This Little man is finally here! It was only a few days after the maternity session. He is so cute and pricelesss but I have to tell this whole story!

In July of 2017, I was at a foster kids camp where I volunteered my photography skills. It was about 12:30 in the very early morning and myself and another photographer were in deep talk and not yet asleep when my email went off for a possible wedding for May of 2018. First of all, why was this young lady messaging me so late, well it turned out she was a nurse and on a late shift. The conversation between us went on for a bit and a few days later we agreed to meet and talk. This wedding would be 3 hours away in a small town called Linton Indiana. How she found us was another story but all I can say Is God sent!! We fell in love with this couple from the start and I can say to this day being with them to do pictures is more of being with close family and friend than just clients!!!!

Fast forward to 2021 and Sam and Logan are on their second little one and the Love of this family still draws us in every time! We have been truly blessed to be able to still be taking pictures with them now for over 4 years and watching them grow.