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This wedding was in April of 2021. Can you believe it, the old courthouse in Crown Point has opened its doors again to become a venue upstairs. They now have a bridal suite for the bride and groom. Everything except the old courtroom has been revoted and looks amazing.

The bride and groom were married in the old courtroom upstairs and had their reception across the hall in the ballroom. The bride and groom decided on a first look, that we staged to be almost like the bride walking down the aisle to see her groom. The emotions were high but that is why they chose to do it this way. They wanted to have time by theirselves to take it all in. After the first look, we had a lot of time to do all their pictures and also had time to add their dog and take a walk to the brewery down the street. I love wedding like that!! So much time that they can actually enjoy themselves and not be rushed through everything. The groom wore a traditional black tux and the bride chose a teal green for the bridesmaids.