This man, Dave Priest, is a mentor, a savings grace, a man of God and much much more to me. He has sang praise and worship at my church for many years and taught me as a young and very inquisitive young adult to reach for the stars. His family just as important to me. I grew up with his daughter and looked up to her in many ways not only for her beauty but her amazing gifts and how very smart she is, and their son Brian, just like his dad, he also married a photographer that in my eyes is perfect.... So what do you do when they call to do a family session? Well you jump for joy and then worry if you are going to be good enough.

What a blast we had! Now we are all grown up and have families of our own. We get to watch and admire. These grandkids were amazing! They not only made me laugh but we had a blast just goofing around! Their Grandparents adore them in everyday possible.
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