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2020 was a very crazy year for weddings. Jessica and Mike had to do a lot of changing to get married in Illinois. We hit this wedding running and God gave us a small window to actually shoot it. Chicago actually closed down for the second time 2 days after this wedding. The bride and groom opted out of a reception and had a small dinner of just family. They will be having a big party the end of this year as a one year anniversary/ reception they never were able to have.
Jessica got ready at a hotel called LEVEL Chicago- old Town, Chicago. To say amazing is no the word. The skyline through the window was absolutely perfect. She had a one of a very simple but elegant wedding dress that can only be described as magnificent with a cathedral veil!! The bridesmaids were dressed in burgundy and the groomsmen in grey. We had time after the Catholic wedding to go through downtown Chicago to take pictures at the Wrigley Building and a few more place by the lakeshore.

Church- St Mary of the Angles in Chicago
Outside Pictures- Wrigley Building