Monica & Dave's Engagment

May 20, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Monica & Dave's Engagement Session 



Covid has put a stop to  a lot of things in our lives but one thing it can't stop is LOVE.


Monica, Dave, my husband and I

ventured out to Turkey Run State Park, on the first day reopened, to do engagement pictures.

The rain disappeared and the sun came out.

 It felt like a normal day full of laughter, WET FEET, and friends.

Watching Dave and Monica laugh and just have some fun was the best feeling ever!

I think we all needed some time outside especially on a beautiful day like this.


The trails were a little wet

but it didn't stop us from seeing some amazing sights

and some awesome pictures to go with them.


Please take a minute and enjoy a small preview from our camera's eyes of

Monica and Dave's engagement session.




You are my favorite!

My favorite pair of eyes to look at.

My favorite name to see on my phone.

My favorite way to spend an afternoon.

You are my favorite EVERYTHING! 



"Pooh, how do you spell LOVE,

You don't spell it

you  FEEL it !!"






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