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Damian's First Birthday



July this little guy will be the big ONE!

He was so fun to play with.

He loved to stand and make everything move,

he loved to play the drums and make noise!

It will not be long and this premie baby will be walking.


It took him a minute to warm up to this funny lady with a camera

but after a drink he was laughing,


and playing patty cake.

He sure is priceless!



We spent the late morning at Buckley Homestead enjoying the sun and the nice breeze.

Please enjoy this small preview of Damian's birthday shoot.



Hold him a little longer,

Rock him a little more,

Read him another story,

You have only read him 4.

Let him sleep on your shoulder

rejoice in his happy smile

He is only a little boy for a short time more!



ONE flickering candle,

One Birthday cake,

One little smile,

One handsome boy,

One loving wish coming your way.


Happy Birthday




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