Mr. & Mrs. Garcia

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Mr. & Mrs. Garcia

March 27, 2021


Why does it feel like I should start this blog preview with

Honk, if you love cars as much as these 2...

well because this amazing couple have found not only a competition with what car is best 

but an amazing relationship and new family.

The love I have seen through my camera lens, between these 2, is remarkable and precious!


I hope you enjoy a small preview of this amazing wedding!



Ride hard and Ride fast and enjoy this journey as you begin the life together as Mr. & Mrs Garcia.

Explore, Dream, Discover and Love together.




Small intimate wedding have become kind of normal and expected as we deal with covid.

Yet, it doesn't change how absolutely perfect and special they can be.

This one was exactly that!!


We had beautiful spring weather to start

this day off

as Harry walked into the house. The groom was all ready dressed

and writing his vows on a piece of paper from his phone.

After hearing these very personal vows

I know he spent a lot of time and heartfelt thinking to write them!

When the bride and the lady behind the camera (me) tears up and laugh, 

while watching them recite their vows at the ceremony,

you know it was good!!




Now, I walked into a baby sleeping in grandmas arms and the bride and her sister putting on makeup.

The day was about to start with a boom... Off and running, here we go.



You Look So Amazing Kailey....



Nova approved also!



Ready here comes your bride.



The most wonderful thing I decided to do

was to share my life, heart and love with you!







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