Mr. & Mrs. Duley

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Mr. & Mrs. Duley's Wedding Day


May 15, 2021


No Longer two, but one and soon to be three.


So the Adventure begins....



Once upon a wedding day take 3


this time Covid couldn't stop what was meant to be.


This amazing couple has finally, with a little tweaking, managed to get the day of their dreams. 

The day started as many do with myself heading to the bride's home and Harry to the groom dad's house.

The weather was beautiful

but the rain rolled in to give them a kiss of good luck

and some beautiful black skies

 at the end of their day.


All was quiet as I rang the doorbell to this magnificent old home built in the 1900's.

It's charm was beyond perfect and reminded me of being at my grandma's house.

Perfect in every way.

Ava's dad met me at the door to welcome me in.

Mom, Ava and the girls were up stairs finishing their final touches as

I waited in the parlor on this amazing antique couch with the bride's flowers beautifully placed on the table.

They had to make sure dad was not around before they could bring Ava down to finish putting on her dress.

Ava wanted to surprise her dad. 

No peaking dad!!



Harry arrived at Sam's dad's house

and if you know the groom's dad you know that there

was many laughs

and goofing around as he got ready.


Everyone is ready now lets head to the church.

Timing was so perfect that Harry had to chase the groom in the church

because the bride was arriving at the same time.

A few more touches to the bride.

This veil was very special to Ava because the lace was hand sewn on there with her soon to be mother-in-law.

So we waited to put the veil on till they both could be there.

What a perfect touch!!



Are you ready because here comes your bride.



Let the party begin.



What an amazing day

but now we get to take these two to Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve in Chesterton

to take a few more pictures.



Here's to Love and Laughter and Happily ever after.



May God cover and guide your journey.

May you have the love only two 

can know.

May the sun rise and set in your loving hearts

and the moon never finds you too

apart for long.

May you cherish each other's dreams as your own

and turn stumbling blocks

into stepping stones.

May you brave life's mountains together,

May there be no storm your love

cannot handle.

May you capture on earth what is in heaven above

and may your hearts raise this little one with the patients and the true love of one another.  


Congratulations Ava and Sam!!




Church: St. Francis' Episcopal Church

Officiant: Fr. Dave and his wife Jen Pearson

Hair & Makeup: Vanis Salon

Wedding Dress: Davids Bridal

Made by: Oleg Cassini

Rings: Family Heir Looms

Flowers: Schultz

Cake: Toy Ann

Reception: Luna Rooftop Bar

Photographers: T.G.E. Puzzle Pieces in Life Photography

Harry and Samantha Poort




Janet Gulbransen(non-registered)
Ava your wedding and pics are so beautiful! Congrats to you and your hubby!!
Danielle Inman(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful!
I wish I could have been there!! This beautiful wedding album makes me feel like I was!
Stunning!! Absolutely stunning!!
Love you Sam and Ava ♥️
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