Mr. & Mrs. Miner

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Mr. & Mrs. Miner's Wedding Day


September 24, 2022


Once upon a time 

I became yours and you became mine.



What an amazing day full of laughter,

tears and many memories to share with their family and friends!



The wind was blowing a cool breeze on that warm Saturday in September.

The sky was full of fluffy clouds and the birds were singing a beautiful song as I walked into Katlyne's grandmothers house. 

The girls were up stairs getting ready.

Makeup and hair was almost done

and a few final touches were being added before we headed for Signature Banquet Hall. 



Harry arrived at Justin and Katlyne's house as the guys were starting the process of getting ready.

They though it was going to be a breeze until they realized

no one knew how to tie a real tie except Justin. 

The laughter was crazy as they all tried to figure it out.


I love hearing the stories that come home with Harry after a wedding day.

 Tying ties is actually talked about a lot!!



A first look with Katlyne's girls then off to Buckley Homestead in Lowell for her first look with Justin.



Time to say, "I do."


Meet the bridal party.


Time to get this party started.


"Now at last they were beginning Chapter One

of the greatest story no one on earth has ever read,

which goes on forever:

in which every chapter is better than the last."


C.S. Lewis


Congratulations Katlyne and Justin Miner may the chapters you write be amazing.




Venue: Signature Banquet Hall

DJ:Sound Decisions

Outside pictures: Buckley Homestead

Wedding Dress: Purple Door Bridal Boutique

Brides Shoes: Amazon

Veil: Etsy @ BlancoVeils

Tux: Louie's Tux Shop

Brides Rings: Passed down from Great Grandmother The rest from Sickener's Jewlers

Grooms Ring: Etsy @ CavalierJewelers 

Flowers: Hand Made by bride and Emily

Cheese Cake: Emily

 Cupcakes: Sams Club

Photographers: T.G.E. Puzzle Pieces in Life Photography

Samantha & Harry Poort





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