Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Tharp

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Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Tharp's Wedding Day

October 22, 2022


You will always be my forever!


We hope you enjoy a small preview of Jordan and Elyse's wedding day through our camera's eyes.


Linton Indiana you are becoming on of my favorite towns to visit!!

My husband and I have fallen in love with this family and this area. 

From the first wedding we shot there in 2018,

we have been there at least once a year and it feels like home every time we come.


This visit was a special one though, for the celebration of Jordan and Elyse's wedding day!

The fall colors were almost at peak time and the weather was better than perfect!


I pulled into a Goose Pond Lodge & Retreat where the wedding would be held,

to see a cozy log cabin sitting on a stunning lake  

with a warm breeze blowing

and a kiss of sun on my face.

Yes, it is going to be an amazing day!!


The final touches were going on outside on the arbor.

The flowers and greenery were going up

and the handmade windows were in place around

the ceremony area.

2 doors were set up at the end of the aisle and the venue was all set up inside the barn.

WOW, another stunning country wedding!!


Elyse was sitting with her sisters around the kitchen talking and laughing.

Makeup and hair was about to start.


Harry headed out of town a bit to Jordan's brothers house to meet with the guys.


True mom love right here!!



Elyse and Jordan exchanged notes right before the wedding.

Don't peak though it's almost wedding time.



Special moments that happen in between dad and daughter right before she walks down the aisle.


This one had a little dance party too!


Meet your bridal party.


Let's get this party started!


What happens when you let your sister give a speech...


they tell it in dance to a sister who loves to dance.

With this ring....


I give you my heart, 

my love,

my support and

my sorrows,

but from this day forward I vow that you will never walk alone.

May my arms always be your home.

I will Love you today and all of my tomorrows! 


Congratulations Mr. & Mrs Tharp!


Venue: Goose Pond Lodge & Retreat

Set up: Our parents & My Camp Family

DJ: Leone's Entertainment-DJ Service

Cake, Make Up, Hair: Our Dear Friends

Windows/Doors built by: Dad- Steve Weddle

Catering: Mark Barthlow and Venue

Photographers: TGE Puzzle Pieces in Life Photography

Samantha & Harry poort








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