Mr. & Mr. Belt's Wedding Day

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Mr. & Mrs. Belts Wedding Day

August 5, 2023


My Favorite Love Story is ours!



Perfection is in the eye of the beholder.

You say rain can mess up a wedding

well we say, 

it is just a wish from above for a life time of good luck.

Always remember that a wet knot tied is the strongest knot!


This specific wedding day was no different! 

We had the challenge of rain but we did not have the challenge of finding the laughter and love of this couple!

They were surrounded by many friends, family and loved one's who made it perfect!


I arrived at the salon owned by the bride's aunt.

So when you say special this day was already there.

She had it all ready with snacks, wine and a special sign.

The girls showed up a few seconds after me with breakfast from the gas station

and so much laughter

that it pulled me right in.


Harry headed to meet the guys at the groom's sister house.

The guys were already suited up and ready to go.

A few pictures and lots of fun then on their way to Jasper County were the wedding would be held.


I hope you enjoy this small preview though our camera's eyes!


Remember tonight for it is the beginning of forever!"




Venue: Jasper County Fair Grounds

Officient: Ryan Burke

Wedding Dress: Paris House of Bridal

Tux: Louies

Bridesmaids Dress: Davids Bridal

Flowers: Forget Me Not Floral

Rings: Alberts

Catering:  Jimboos

Makeup: Michelle Hand

Hair: Hometown Beauty Bar in Hebron

DJ: Ryan Zuklin

Photographers: TGE Puzzle Pieces In Life Photography

Samantha & harry Poort 


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