Mr. & Mrs. Ogibovic

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Mr. & Mrs. Ogibovic's Wedding Day


September 18, 2021


I choose you to do life with,

hand in hand,

side by side,

with my whole being,




Sometime out of the blue someone comes into your life and

without a blink of an eye you just know this is my forever LOVE.


For these two high school sweethearts their love has bloomed and bloomed and 

on September 18, 2021 they started a new journey as Mr. & Mrs. Ogibovic.


The day went a little like this....


I showed up at faith's apartment to join her, her mom, sister and two very close friend getting ready for an amazing day.

The laughter was contagious as they talked, joked and you could say, "freaked out."

Her wedding day, she had dreamed of, had finally made it.

The nerves were a little high with anticipation and excitement.

Their makeup and hair needed a few touch ups but all in all they just had fun.

A few shots of them getting ready and then headed to the hall to put that wedding dress on.


Harry arrived at the hall to catch the cake that was being put together.

Shortly after the guys showed up on their bikes.

Now, it was time to get those guys ready before the girls showed up. 

The mother of the groom was ironing everything...

maybe just to keep her nerves down because her first son would soon be walking down the aisle.

The weather could not be more perfect for an outside wedding and reception!



They are dressed and ready to go.

Ready here comes your bride.



Meet your bridal party.



Faith and Zack decided to have a quiet minute alone to read their vows. 

There was a little laughing and a lot of crying,

but one of the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and heard.



Time for some cake....



Meet your new Mr. & Mrs. Ogibovic.



Now let's get this party started with a first dance.



....I choose you in the beginning and the end of every day.

I'd choose you in a hundred lifetimes,

in any version of reality I would find you and I would choose you again and again!!


Congratulations Zack and Faith!!

May your dance be for life with God leading the way!







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