Mr. & Mrs. Ferrell

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Mr. & Mrs, Ferrell's Wedding Day

October 2, 2021


Thank you for reminding me what butterflies feel like

for kissing you is my favorite hobby 


holding you is my favorite pastime.



Psssst.... The rain is falling so can I borrow a kiss? I promise to give it back.


What an amazing wedding day.

Come join us in a little journey through their amazing day with lots of laughter,

smiles and shenanigans

Yet, filled with lots of LOVE!



The fall weather was all over the place from sunny and warm to rain and windy

but it cooperated at the most perfect times.


The day started with a full house of friends

and family

at both the house, where the girls got ready

and the hotel the guys were at.

The laughter was like none I have seen.

My cheeks were numb from the smiles that I had.

It felt like I had just walked into my own families house.

The love and warmth in between all the girls was priceless.

I watched Rachel's mom many times,

through out the day,

just watching her daughter and it put tears in my eyes. 

The guys were no different. Well except for a few jokes that they played on the groom....

You will have to ask them a 100 questions as you go through this small preview so they can tell you the many stories.


Enjoy their wedding day.


First look with her dad and her step dad.



Now, I will be honest it was a bit challenging

to have the bride and groom at the same place and not see each other but we pulled it off without a hitch.

Yet, we had to have a little fun with it before their first touch.



Now, off to Avalon Manor before the rain starts.


Here comes your bride.



A few minutes alone

then some fun with the wedding party.


Let the Party begin.


And then she knew.....

It was Love.




Venue: Avalon Manor

DJ: Trans-Audio

Flowers: Merrillville Tea Room

Photo Booth: 219 production/ Mirror booth

Hair: Samantha Johnson

Makeup: Madeyablushbridal

Cake: Beck's Bakery

Limo: All Around Limo

Offiant: John Darge (family friend)

Wedding Dress: Purple Door

Bridesmaids dresses: Davids Bridal

Tux: Dunhill

Rings: Rodgers and Holland

Ice Sculpture: From Godfather Ed Wong, and dad Rich Hartigan

Photographers: TGE Puzzle Pieces in Life Photography

Samantha & Harry Poort








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