Mr. & Mrs. Carmin

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Mr. & Mrs Carmin's Wedding Day


November 6, 2021


I Love that you are my person and I am yours,

that whatever door we come to,

we will open together.

A. R. Asher



A day full of laughter, jokes and a whole lot of fun.


I love this wedding story so very much

because it all started back when Sydney had her senior pictures done.

I meet this very shy, beautiful young lady and her family and instantly fell in love with their personalities.

I always ask random questions to open them up and get them comfortable with me.

Sydney told me she had a boyfriend and I joked with her when we left that I would see her again on her wedding day.

Fast forward to 2020

when I received an email from Sydney stating... "do you remember me and what you said to me at my senior pictures".

I almost jumped out of my seat reading it. 

It made my whole day! 

 I would get to meet her again all grown up

and meet the man she had fallen in love with!

Watching this wedding unfold was pure pleasure on my end

but I know wedding planning combined with new jobs,

finals and a new puppy was very difficult for Sydney and Bryce. 

Yet, the day turned out absolutely perfect and I hope these pictures do it justice!

Enjoy a small preview of Sydney and Bryce's wedding day.



Lafayette holds some amazing all in one wedding venues that I could brag about for days.

This one was called, The Rat Pac Venue in downtown. 

They have a studio upstairs that the girls were allowed to use to get ready in

while the guys got ready in a hotel a few blocks over.

Their day started at the venue with family and friends getting ready.

Sydney had a first look with her dad and bridesmaids.


Notice the one shoe under the girls dresses. 

I was going to fix it

but decided the stories that came from that one shoe

was better than me photo shopping a new one in.

Priceless moments through out the whole day!!

Laughter makes for some amazing memories!!



Bryce and Sydney chose to do a first look.



Are you ready here comes your bride!!


Some of the table shots that were just too good not to share.


You are my today and all of my tomorrows!

Congratulations Sydney and Bryce,

May life continue to make you laugh as you did on this day!!



Venue: The Rat Pac in Lafayette

Wedding dress: Azazie

Rings: Brilliant earth(hers), and Angara(his)

Officiant & Dj: Nick Ribordy

Flowers: Homemade.. Hobby Lobby and Amazon

Tuxes: Men's Warehouse

Cake/ cupcakes:  Blue Bakery in Lafayette

Catering: Nameless Catering

Outside Photography was at The River Walk and in downtown Lafayette 

Photographers:  T.G.E puzzle Pieces in Life Photography

Samantha & Harry Poort


Special thanks from Bryce and Sydney to, "my Mama," Tracy for being an absolute gems through the whole thing!!






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